2020 Virtual Exhibitors



About Machinex Technologies

As a Sorting Technologies Expert, Machinex uses innovative solutions to design and produces custom-made sorting and recycling solutions for Material Recovery Facilities. Machinex also offers a full range of high quality recycling equipment such as Sorting Robots, Optical Sorters, Ballistic Separators, and more.

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About Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc.

The Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX), is a non-profit clearinghouse and repository for businesses and government agencies looking for information regarding waste management and recycling.

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About MSW Consultants

MSW Consultants is a management consulting firm specializing in the waste and recycling industry. We provide data-driven solutions to optimize recycling, diversion and waste management programs for federal government entities, state agencies and municipalities; trade associations and other NGOs; and private sector waste generators. We offer a wide range of planning, financial modeling, operational analysis, and procurement support services and are especially focused on characterizing material streams to identify recycling, diversion, composting, energy recovery, and other opportunities to reduce waste disposal.

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About ReCollect

ReCollect is a technology company that combines deep expertise in solid waste and recycling with technology that works for government and business organizations. Our team is composed of leaders in public policy, recycling and solid waste communications, behavior change and technology.  Click here to view the virtual booth for ReCollect.