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Organics Recycling Track

Greetings Florida’s Organics Recycling Industry and Compost Producers.

Recycle Florida Today (RFT) and its Organics Recycling Committee (ORC) have had a very busy year!  To cap it off we have put together a great one day Organics Recycling Track for RFT’s Annual Summer Conference.  We want to make sure you are aware of what all has been going on and more importantly what we want to accomplish in the year ahead!  As well as invite and encourage your attendance at this year’s RFT’s Annual Summer Conference’s Organic Recycling Track!  Click here to download and view the agenda.
Here’s why you should attend and get involved with RFT’s ORC today!

  • The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has been very busy supporting and promoting organics recycling this past year and will be providing a great overview of their efforts in a number of sessions.
  • The ORC in its efforts to promote organics recycling has worked closely with the United State’s Composting Council to include standards for Compost in the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) specifications.  Now we are encouraging the industry to work together to increase the use of compost in FDOT projects.  This will require a great deal of education and effort to promote the use of compost to the FDOT Districts and the members of the Florida Road Building Association that actually specify the materials used for FDOT projects.  Come join our opening session where we discuss what has been done to date in Florida, what other States around the Country have done to increase compost use in DOT projects, and how FDEP is adding a FDOT page to the FORCE website.  We will also ask for input from the compost producers around the State on how best to work on this project this year.
  • We will also hear more about and the importance of the USCC’s STA program for compost producers and users, as well as the significant opportunity that the medical marijuana industry can be for the compost industry!
  • We heard from our members that they want more Case Studies and we are delivering!  Come hear the latest case studies on the use of Inoculants in the making of mature and stable composts, on selecting the right organic waste solution for an agricultural business, and the use of compost in the efforts to contain citrus greening.

We know that your time is limited and valuable but believe this one day Organics Track will be invaluable to the future success of your efforts in Organics Recycling.  To assist in making this accessible to you, RFT has a one day conference rate of $165 for RFT members and $205 for non-members for those just attending the Organics Track on Tuesday, June 13th.  Join us and register today at 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition

Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance.

Chris Snow, Chair, RFT-ORC

David Hill, Co-Chair, RFT-ORC