Miriam Zimms, Kessler Consulting, Inc.

Miriam Zimms has over 30 years of experience in solid waste management program development and planning. She has designed and managed comprehensive waste management (reduction, recycling, and composting) programs for municipalities, institutions, and private corporations across the Southeast. Ms. Zimms’ extensive and varied background in integrating programs in both the public and private sectors makes her especially well qualified in the areas of strategic planning, project management, innovative program development, practical program integration, public and private partnerships, community relations, education and media programs that reverse the flow of resources and materials away from disposal facilities for recovery. Ms. Zimms’ background in business allows for a creative and economic approach to applying marketing principles to solid waste management. Specifically, she brings expertise in marketing management, identifying the marketing environment, distribution and logistics, segmentation and targeting of industrial and consumer buyers, marketing research, project management and execution. Ms. Zimms’ has applied these business marketing techniques by successfully implementing rural, suburban, and urban programs for single- and multi-family residential consumers and a variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial entities such as: airports, construction sites, electric utilities, entertainment venues, health care facilities, hotels-motels, industrial parks, libraries, military facilities, office complexes, outdoor special events, restaurants, school districts, and strip malls. Over the course of her career, Ms. Zimms has held the following positions: Director of Program Planning, Kessler Consulting, Inc., Waste Minimization and Recycling Manager for Florida Power & Light Corporation and the Recycling Program Development Coordinator for the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority.