Membership Committee
The function of this committee is to recruit new and retain existing members. The committee shall establish yearly membership goals which may include, the number of new members to be gained, number of membership renewals achieved, and a degree of services. Membership is required to solicit nominations and prepare the ballot for FLCC Board elections and other matters requiring voting by the membership.


Education and Outreach Committee
The function of this committee is to establish and coordinate FLCC training, conferences, seminars, educational outreach events and other meetings. All FLCC Board sponsored programs or meetings are to be approved by the committee. The committee works in collaboration with the Membership Committee to build industry relationships and encourage collaboration with other organizations. The committee will also develop and expand FLCC’s presence and influence while enhance its image and credibility inside and outside the organization. It is responsible for creating and maintaining effective communication standards, assisting the organization and its membership communicate effectively with one another and increase marketing and communications links between the FLCC and potential members, other organizations, potential partners and general public.


Advocacy Committee
The function of this committee is to work with policy makers, regulators and its members to advance legislation, policy and funding that enhance opportunities to increase compost production and use in Florida.


Marketing and Social Media Committee –
The function of this committee is to work create and post content in support of FLCC and the committees.