The Florida Composting Council (FLCC) is organized exclusively to promote the composting industry and the reduction, reuse and recycling of the organic component of Florida’s waste stream through support of infrastructure development, quality control and ethical operations, operator training, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and general public education.


Florida Composting Council Officers –

  • Chris Snow, Veransa – Chair/Affiliate Director
  • Shiva Ahrens, Florida Crystals, Inc. – Vice Chair
  • Carmen Bruno, Hernando County – Secretary
  • David Hill, Consultant – RFT Liaison


Full Florida Composting Council Board –

  • Shiva Ahrens, Florida Crystals, Inc.
  • Gary Bilbro, Eco Safe Zero Waste
  • Carmen Bruno, Hernando County
  • Dustin Dubois, Filthy Organics
  • Jairo Gonzalez, Waste Pro Green
  • David Hill, Consultant
  • Brad Karst, Machinex Technologies
  • Monica Ozores-Hampton, TerraNutri, LLC
  • Chris Snow, Veransa


Florida Composting Council Committee Leadership –

  • Shakeel Balroop, Consultant – Membership Committee
  • Dustin Dubois, Filthy Organics – Advocacy Committee
  • Jairo Gonzalez, Waste Pro Green – Marketing and Social Media Committee
  • Monica Ozores-Hampton, TerraNutri, LLC – Education and Outreach Committee


Click here to download the 2023 Florida Composting Council Board biographies in a PDF format.