Communications Committee

Serve as the trusted communications source for the organization. To regularly communicate to members and other stakeholders about RFT. To stay on top of current events, legislation to ensure members and stakeholders are informed. Provide RFT members timely, accurate and relevant information about recycling and more broadly, sustainability, as it relates to Florida and beyond. Add value to RFT membership by regularly engaging with members and creating opportunities for them to respond, react and communicate their perspectives.


Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

The Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Committee’s (CDDRC) purpose is to provide resources, collaboration, education, funding opportunities to further the mission of Recycle Florida Today, Inc. and provide new benefits for our membership.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Ad-Hoc Committee

The purpose of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ad-hoc committee is to develop a summary of strategies and best practices as it relates to DEI, and a summary of how members can better serve underdeveloped communities and areas with limited industry service.


Education Planning Committee

The Education Planning Committee develops the Issue Forum and Annual Conference for the organization. This includes developing topics of current and timely interests to the membership, securing speakers, locations and sponsors. This committee interacts with the other RFT committees to fulfill this mission. This committee develops relationships and pursues the co-locating of RFT events with other groups with similar goals and interests that can provide additional benefit to the membership of RFT.  RFT offers its’ membership a variety of resources inclusive of networking events, proceedings, industry contacts and more.


The ELLS is a scheduled opportunity for individuals to gain education and information a training/networking session, site or facility tour, on-site equipment demonstration, workshop, information session or structured teleconference.


Legislative Committee

To track, report, and help analyze State and Federal government legislative proposals that will or could have impacts on recycling in Florida and to assist RFT’s leadership with necessary or desired activities related to any such proposals.


Membership Committee

The membership committee is the core of Recycle Florida Today. This committee recruits and maintains private and public sector members for RFT. In addition, the committee conducts surveys of RFT members to determine their needs, interests, and opinions on a variety of topics.




The purpose of the Mentorship Committee is to provide professional growth, collaboration, and member education to further the mission of RFT and provide another new benefit for our members.



To maintain a balanced board of directors that effectively represents its membership as outlined in the RFT By Laws. This committee also surveys membership for good candidates to serve on the RFT Board of Directors, conducts board elections each year, and oversees the process of editing and maintaining the organizations By Laws.



The purpose of the Recycle Florida Today, Inc. Outreach Committee is to inspire and support recycling coordinators and their communities to improve recycling and waste reduction in Florida.


Sponsorship Committee

To provide an effective process for identifying, retaining, and recognizing like-minded and supportive sponsors in a way that is in the best interests of RFT and that demonstrates value to sponsors for their participation.


Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee is a group of individuals, ages 21-40, that look to support efforts to help our RFT Young Professionals enhance their leadership skills through serving on subcommittees in various officer positions that align with the formal committees of RFT, and allow for our Young Professionals to provide perspective into how we further grow and support Recycle Florida Today.

Recycle Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow!

Are you a RFT member and interested in joining a committee? Contact RFT with the committee of interest to find out how you can participate.