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Recycle Florida Today Foundation, Inc. is organized to serve and support the professional development and related objectives of source reduction and waste prevention, reuse, recycling, composting, reduction of wasted food, and sustainability professionals through education, grants, research, and certifications.


Opportunities for potential funding and support for:


  • Innovative Grants for Recycling, Sustainability, and Waste Reduction Programs – Funding to support Counties and Municipalities residential and commercial recycling and education programs aimed at reducing waste and contamination and increasing recycling and sustainability in Florida.


  • State and Local Public and Private Partnerships – Support for local public and private partnerships focused on regional and local recycling campaigns and education awareness, specialty community sustainability projects, events, and education focused on recycling and sustainability that benefits Florida.


  • Food Insecurities and Reduction of Food Waste – Grants for programs and projects aimed to bring awareness to food insecurities and the impacts of food waste in Florida through education, campaigns, local outreach programs, and community fridges.


  • K-12, College, and University Education and Economic Impact Studies – Support for education programs, projects, and advocacy for educating students on the benefits of recycling, sustainability, reducing waste, and wasted food.


  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gases / Carbon Footprint – Support for programs that educate residents on the benefits of reducing greenhouses gases and their carbon footprint as well as academic research support of current and future impacts to Florida.


  • Compost and Economic Impact Studies, Infrastructure Using Recycled Content – Support for programs that promote composting and the reduction, reuse, and recycling of organic components of Florida’s waste stream through support of infrastructure development, quality control and ethical operations, training, advocacy, and public education.