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Call for Articles – Renewable News Winter Edition

Call for Articles – Renewable News Winter Edition

Renewable News – 2017 Winter Edition

It’s time to prepare and submit articles for the next RFT newsletter, Renewable News, 2017 Winter Edition. Increasing recycling results is essential to building a more sustainable environment. RFT members can learn about each others best recycling practices and innovations through articles in Renewable News.
Deadline for submitting articles: Tuesday, January 31

Anticipated publication date: Tuesday, February 28


Guidelines for Submitting Articles and Photos for Renewable News

Click below to submit an article

Important:  Submit your articles in a “Microsoft Word” document format and images via email by the deadline date by clicking the “Submit Article” button above or click here to submit an article.

For questions email RFT at:

  • Articles must be submitted in a Microsoft Word document and should be 300 words or less in length (except for an occasional special feature). Keep your article brief and to the point, since readership time and attention is limited. Be brief, and you’ll have a better chance of holding the reader’s attention. If your article is too long, the editor may cut portions.
  • Consider your audience. Would RFT members really be interested in this? Make sure your jargon is not so technical that it will baffle your readers. Articles that read like an ad or promotion for your company won’t make it into print.
  • Include the author’s name, affiliation (who they work for), and contact information.
  • Avoid editorializing (expressing your opinions as facts). Just stick to the facts of the story.· Run spell check and word count on your article before sending it. Renewable News prefers to have articles that need little to no proofing. Articles not meeting the criteria will be sent back to the author for revision.
  • Don’t have time to write an article, or don’t think of yourself as a great writer?
    Just submit a list of facts – who, what, where, when, how, & why – about your subject, and the newsletter editor will develop a story for you. If you’re writing the article, be sure to include answers to those same questions.

Guidelines for Photos or Graphics: Include a maximum of two (2) photos.  Each photo or graphic as a separate file attachment, not embedded in a Word document, and not a page full of them scanned together as one file. Resolution of digital photos should be 200 dpi or greater. File formats for photos should be JPG.  By submission of a photo(s) you are authorizing Recycle Florida Today, Inc. to utilize these images in their newsletters or other association content as well as verifying that you are the original owner.

Renewable News is a newsletter forum for the exchange of information and ideas among Recycle Florida Today members. The newsletter is published in an online format. Whenever a new edition is posted to the RFT website, members receive an e-mail announcement that contains an embedded link to the newsletter.

For questions email at


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